We would like to offer you the possibility of organizing schools in nature at the family farm Třebušín - Zababeč. The farm specializes in agro-tourism, mainly connected with horse riding. The farm is located in a beautiful landscape of the Protected Landscape Area of ​​České středohoří, near Litoměřice and about 70 km from Prague. It is situated in secluded hills above the village Třebušín, overlooking the Kalich Hill, where the Hussite castle stood in the Middle Ages. The Central Bohemian Highlands, which are unique in Central Europe due to their volcanic origin, belong to the richest in the Czech Republic by their diversity of plants and animals.Skoly

The farm offers 35 beds in 3 - 5 bed rooms. In addition to two rooms, all rooms have their own bathroom. On the ground floor there is a large dining room, which also serves as a clubhouse. There is also a second clubroom for games and leisure.

The meal is served 5 times a day: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and after agreement the second dinner. The drinking regime is provided all day in the form of tea and juice.

The farm is located in a secluded area surrounded by meadows and forests. There is a ping pong table, a trampoline, slides, a sand pit, a grassy volleyball court and a campfire fireplace. Possibility of renting outdoor aids (balls, flying saucers etc.) free of charge.

After agreement, it is possible to organize horse and pony rides for children.

The location of the farm allows for several walking tours. For young children it is the Kalich hill and the nearby village Třebušín. For larger it is a museum of Zubrnice with a train museum and a chateau in Ploskovice. For longer trips you can use mass transport from Třebušín and possible routes Litoměřice and Úštěk.

We will arrange bus transport to the farm. Transport costs are re-calculated according to the actual costs of the carrier.

Contact person for stay information and orders:

ing. Dagmar Voštová
farm Třebušín - Zababeč
Třebušín 143
412 01 Litoměřice

tel .: 731523469


Farm premises are also suitable for corporate events and training.
We can arrange meals or snacks after agreement.
Participants can enjoy horse riding or small farm work.

Prices are valid see. prices of accommodation and meals, small refreshments upon individual agreement.
When booking the whole pension there is a possibility of discount.

For more information, contact Dagmar Voštová, see above