Child camps in horses

Farm Zababeč organizes children's camps

summer, winter and autumn



Farm Zababeč is also traditionally organizing four rounds of horse-drawn camps in 2019.

Children are accommodated in a farmhouse building, in rooms from 3 to 6 children, with bathroom facilities.
Upon arrival, they can choose who they want to stay with, especially if they come with their friends. Meals are provided 5 times a day (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner), for extra large diners and a second dinner.Letni_tabor_i-turnus_2013_13
Drinking mode is ensured throughout the day. (Children have access to drinks at any time) Every year a camp thematic game is prepared for children.
Sections of Primary Competitions in a given game. The program of the day is usually regular - morning training and riding on horse or ponies, according to the age of children.
Afternoon camp program, competition, creativity, handicraft activities. Of course, there is camp disco, the possibility of sleeping under a broad day, a bonfire bonfire one day, etc.
The theme of the camp game changes every year, ie. one year we are Indians, other cowboys, other prehistoric people, knights.
Progam is being prepared in cooperation with all the leaders throughout the year so that we can welcome new and old known campers in the summer. 

Photos from past years of children's camps can be found on our Facebook page.

1.   29.6. -   6.7. 2019 7 4.000,- CZK OCCUPIED
2.  6.7. - 13.7. 2019 7 4.000,- CZK OCCUPIED
3. 14.8. - 24.8. 2019 10 5.200,- CZK OCCUPIED
4.  24.8. - 31.8. 2019 7 4.000,- CZK 7

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