Weekly wandering

PRICE: 15.000, - CZK.

Wandering from farm Zababeč to Thomašov * 

Back shuttle-bus - trailhead on the farm.

For the year 2015, according to the interest - from April to October outside dates

summer camps for children.

Wandering from Thomašov * to the farm Zababeč. 

From the farm to the shuttle-bus Thomašov) - Beginning 
routes in Tomašov.

For the year 2015, according to the interest - from April to October outside dates

summer camps for children

The minimum number of riders for the realization of 4 and maximum 8th



Sunday - Arrival at the farm, familiarity with the environment, horses and other participants traveling. The Dinner a night on the farm.

- 1st day journey (about 25 km) Dinner and overnight  at an agreed   place through lunch in a restaurant.

- 2nd day journey (about 25 km) Dinner and overnightat the agreed place, through lunch in a restaurant. 

-3rd day is a day of rest. Trip to NP Czech Switzerland (Car + foot)

-4th day journey (about 25 km) Dinner and overnigt at the agreed place. Lunch at a restaurant along the way

- 5th day trip on horseback to Germany after riding trail (About 25km), through lunch in a restaurant

- 6th day trip formanskými cars after the German sideSaxon Switzerland, Lunch way. In the afternoon return drive to the farm Zababeč.Bed on the farm.

- Sunday - departure* Every year we have contracted other place of accommodation

and therefore the target of Thomas and start routes from Thomas only


For more information contact us by phone

or e-mail.

Price includes accommodation, full board, rent horses,

tour guide. Prices are valid boarding farm Zababeč.

If customer order on a journey through food that is over

frame rates on a farm Zababeč, you must pay the difference.

Drinks are not included in the farm and also wandering cover the cost

Each participant himself.

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School trips and sporting events

We held "schools and sports camps." The area is ideal for organizing similar visits to its location in a remote area. Over the last three years at the farm were accomplished min. runs of three schools in the countryside. More about the possibility of organizing "schools in nature and focus" - HERE .



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