Bicycle rental

The farm is possible to rent bicycles for dopělé or children. Along with wheels can be borrowed and safety helmet and reflective vest.

There are 5 bicycles in the execution mountain or cross.Grafika2

Furthermore, 3 children's mountain bikes.

For less experienced riders we offer 2 bicycles with auxiliary motor.

Type of bicycle RENTAL 1/2 day RENTAL DAY
Mountain / Cross bike               200, -                             300, -              
Electric bike 400, - 700, -

Prices are inclusive of VAT.

WARNING: There are very difficult terrains. Therefore you must carefully plan a route taking into account the physical abilities.

MAP Driving Directions


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School trips and sporting events

We held "schools and sports camps." The area is ideal for organizing similar visits to its location in a remote area. Over the last three years at the farm were accomplished min. runs of three schools in the countryside. More about the possibility of organizing "schools in nature and focus" - HERE .



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