Summer Camps 2015

Civic Association organizes Zababeč 2015 4 runs of summer camp with horses. We look forward to old and new campers who love horses and competition.If interested, please contact us by phone or email.

The camp is designed for children between 6 and 14 years (in the case of little children, which is separate and has a camp for younger siblings).

The content of training camp is riding for beginners and advanced. The first day the children are divided into groups according to experience. Among groups, the children who are making great strides may transfer to more advanced groups. Horse riding lessons take place every day at least 1 hour. At the end of the camp are then also organized trips into the countryside. Of course for beginners horses are guided. 

Another nápkní camp is camp game. For the year 2015, to "SUMMER GAMES ZABABEČSKÉ 2015 ', which accompanies the rest of the time kids outside riding.

Of course there is a bonfire when Zadar and sleeping under the stars or Fighting with disco.

Dates and prices:

      Dates from     

     DEADLINE TO     



    THE PRICE     

July 2, 2015 11.7.215 10 Last 4 places 5000, -
July 11, 2015 July 18, 2015 7 OCCUPIED OCCUPIED
August 15, 2015 August 22, 2015 7 OCCUPIED OCCUPIED
August 22, 2015 August 29, 2015 7 30 3650 -

Download application: Prihlaska-leto-6-14-years-2015

Advice for parents to download instructions-for-parents

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School trips and sporting events

We held "schools and sports camps." The area is ideal for organizing similar visits to its location in a remote area. Over the last three years at the farm were accomplished min. runs of three schools in the countryside. More about the possibility of organizing "schools in nature and focus" - HERE .



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